2015 Annual Round Up

With so much rain and an abundance of grass, heifers and calves are fat and happy this year at Ranney Ranch. On July 9 and 10, a dedicated team of friends and family gathered to vaccinate and brand. Clouds threatened, but managed to provide¬†perfect…

On Cows and Carbon

How possibly can our management of semi-arid ranch land have the potential for ameliorating large scale climate impacts? Very recently, streams of evidence are beginning to trickle from the scientific community supporting the idea that healthy soil may be the simplest, most cost effective method for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Round Up

By eight we had moved the herd about a mile into holding pens where experienced ranch hands separated the cows from the calves, one of the only times in their lives they will be confined or separated from their mothers. Our jobs for the day include vaccinating, branding, and tagging the calves.