2016 Early Bird Special

Our 2016 Grassfed Beef Season is open for orders! Please review our offerings and Early Bird Special below and complete your order.

What we offer:

We offer half and whole beeves. Our prices this season, including processing and packaging, are $1075 for a half beef and $1995 for a whole beef. Until May 15, we are offering a discounted price of $1050/half and $1945/whole. These prices include processing at Mathews Meats in Belen or at Fort Sumner Processing.

All beef is available from October to January, but we encourage you to order in advance as the early dates go fast. To reserve your beef, we ask that you send a deposit of $250 for a half beef or $450 for a whole beef.

How do I order?

You can order using the form below! You can opt to pay by check, or you can pay by credit card via PayPal. If you choose to pay with a credit card, you will be charged an additional 3% to cover processing fees.

How will I get my beef?

You are responsible for picking up your beef or paying for shipping (shipping is an additional cost). Customers electing to ship their beef via FedEx Express will have their beef processed in Fort Sumner.

  1. You may opt to process with Mathew’s Meats in Belen. You will need to pick up your beef at the facility.
  2. You may opt to process with Darrin Burns in Fort Sumner. You can pick up your beef or he will ship the meat via FedEx, an additional cost beyond the price of the beef.

How much space will my order take?

You will need 3 – 5 cubic feet of freezer space for a half beef. This is the size of the entire freezer compartment of a side-by-side refrigerator. Many customers invest in a small chest freezer and find it wonderful to have extra storage for storing garden or farmers market produce as well.

How much beef will I get?
The average beef, after it has been processed, weighs approximately 240 pounds.

What cuts will I receive?

After two weeks dry-ageing, both processors will cut and package the beef to your specifications. At the Ranney Ranch we like to eat the “Rancher’s Pack” but if you would like to custom order your own cuts, you may do so at no extra charge.

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