“Carbon Cowboys”

Melvin Johnson, Ranney Ranch manager, makes Fox News online as one of our country’s “Carbon Cowboys”.

Final Reflection from Mitchell Robert

November 10, 2019 My time at Ranney Ranch has been a wild, gritty, challenging and beautiful roller-coaster ride. I have experienced high highs feeling capable and confident. Having moments of complete (or at least almost complete) clarity, using the accumulation of all my learned…

Ranney Ranch Erosion Control Workshop

Workshop participants will build erosion control structures through hands-on instruction and learn how to read the landscape to better understand surface water flow and the erosion process from NRCS and Quivira Coalition staff members.

E28: Nancy Ranney on Regenerative Grazing in New Mexico

Recently Nancy was interviewed by Kelly Brownell, Head of the World Food Policy Center at Duke University


“In just over a month I will have the privilege of beginning to work with Nancy and Melvin at Ranney Ranch. My journey in agriculture has been a winding one. Beginning in the rolling hills of central Washington to the green and wet Pacific…

A Writer’s Summer at the Ranney Ranch

By Sean McCoy Summer 2018 writer-in-residence at Ranney Ranch Tarantulas are crossing the highway. The grass has begun to cure. I’m sitting on the porch of the Sowell House, as I often have this summer, watching the clouds above the mesa and wishing to…

Apprenticing on the Ranney Ranch

Curious to know what apprenticing on the Ranney Ranch is like? Here’s a word from our current apprentice, Ben Vanderhoof, about his experience so far. When I was asked by Nancy Ranney to write a brief account of my experience on the ranch as…

Audubon Certified

Ranney Ranch and Audubon partner to protect birds by restoring grasslands.

The Audubon mark certifies the beef was grazed on Audubon certified bird-friendly land.

Finding Home on the Range

“So, what are your plans for after graduation?” “What you want to do with your life?” Ah, the questions every soon-to-be college graduate dreads. And of course, the ones asked by every well-meaning grandparent, aunt, professor, and friend. If you’d asked me one of…

2015 Artist in Residence

This summer we have been fortunate to host John Beerman, an accomplished artist from North Carolina, at the old Sowell House, the original stone headquarters of the ranch built in 1926. John’s paintings of the ranch will be exhibited at the LewAllen Gallery in…