Grassfed Beef

Our Grassfed Beef model is unique and ideally adapted to the semi-arid landscape of the American West. We offer our range-raised calves at weaning, at seven to nine months of age (compared to the 24 months of age for the average grassfed beef) which means absolutely no finishing is required. Raised only on mother’s milk and fresh native grasses, our beef is supremely tender and flavorful. We do not strain the productivity or the resources of our ranch or neighboring grazing lands to produce our beef, nor do we consume unnecessary fossil fuels raising feed for our animals or trucking them to far flung pasturage.

We are proud of our Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and American Grassfed Association (AGA) certifications. Born out on the open range, our animals are rarely handled and when they are we always treat them gently and humanely. Our ranch is certified annually by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) which reviews both herd and overall ranch management including wildlife health; the processors of our Grassfed Beef are also certified by AWA. We are certified annually by the American Grassfed Association which assures that our animals consume only grass, no grains, no animal by-products, no hormones or antibiotics.

At the Ranney Ranch our goal is to serve you the finest and healthiest beef possible using modern and sustainable rangeland management practices.

  • We practice holistic rangeland management including good conservation practices and planned rotational grazing.  The land is grazed wisely!
  • Our cattle live their whole lives stress-free on the open range pastures of the Ranch in the company of deer, quail, coyote and wild Barbary sheep.  We are the New Mexico pilot ranch for the Audubon Conservation Ranching Program which promotes land management for the preservation of grassland birds.
  • We round up cattle on horseback (no four wheelers) so as not to damage the range.
  • We sell only grass-fed/grass-finished beef— this is the leanest and healthiest beef you can find. We use no antibiotics or hormones.
  • Grass-fed beef is low in cholesterol and has the right balance of Omega 3’s and 6’s; it is high in Vitamin E, beta-carotene and CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acids).
  • We market our animals when they are less than one year old, so the beef is mild-flavored and very tender.
  • We raise all our cattle for sale or for herd replacement, so we know and you know where they came from and can be confident that they have only consumed our native grasses.