About Us

The Ranney Ranch is a family owned cow-calf ranching operation that sits at 6200′ in the high mesa country of central New Mexico. We sell range-finished young beef direct to consumers, like you, who value how their food choices impact the environment. We are proud to carry three certifications on our beef:  American Grassfed Association (AGA), Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), and Audubon Certified Bird-Friendly Beef.

Owners are George, Edward, Nancy Ranney, their spouses and offspring. Melvin Johnson is our outstanding manager; he and his wife Esther have been with the Ranch since 1984 and raised their four children here.

We are committed to the ecologic, financial and family health of the Ranney Ranch and to the health of the Corona ranching community. Ranchers and landowners in the Gallo Canyon have worked together over the past decade on ranching enterprises and on alternative energy development. The Ranney Ranch sponsors ranch tours, workshops and offers guidance to a new generation of ranchers and land managers.

We still gather our herd on horseback from the rough canyons and open, rolling grasslands of the ranch. Our animals, and our family members thrive on the open range and under the vast skies of our high mesa grasslands.

The limestone-capped mesas stand sentinel above our canyon grasslands and harbor populations of mule deer, wild Barbary sheep, fox, bobcat, coyote and mountain lion; over fifteen species of bats and fifty species of birds inhabit our woodlands, and the occasional Bald and Golden Eagle graces the winter skies.

Since 2003, with the introduction of new management practices, we have witnessed the critical role of livestock in the restoration of our drought-weary grasslands. Once a blue grama grass monoculture, our pastures now boast over forty-five species of native grasses, both warm and cool season species, and the increased biodiversity has brought health to our soil, increased resilience in the face of Southwestern drought and the opportunity to market our unique New Mexican Grassfed Beef. Let us tell you the story.