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    On Cows and Carbon

    How possibly can our management of semi-arid ranch land have the potential for ameliorating large scale climate impacts? Very recently, streams of evidence are beginning to trickle from the scientific community supporting the idea that healthy soil may be the simplest, most cost effective method for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

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    Ranney Ranch Pot Roast           

    With gratitude to Deborah Madison not only for offering her recipe but for working in steadfast support of humane and environmentally responsible livestock production in the Southwest over the past decade and more.

  • WaterHarvest

    Water Harvesting

    We contracted with Steve Carson of Rangeland Hands to redesign our ranch roads with the goal of capturing runoff and throwing it back onto our pastures.

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    Putting Grasslands to Work

    This past summer, I had the good fortune (and the accumulated American Airline miles) to attend the Savory Institute annual conference in London.